Lambert Spaanenburg

Lambert Spaanenburg received his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Delft University and his doctorate in technical sciences from Twente Univer- sity, both in The Netherlands. He started his academic journey at Twente University in the field of VLSI design, eventually serving as CTO of ICN, the commercial spin-off of the ESPRIT Nelsis project. At IMS in Stuttgart, he co-created the neural control for the Daimler OSCAR 1992 prototype, currently an upcoming standard for car safety measures. He became a full professor at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Further research of his group in neural image processing led in
2002 to Dacolian, which held a 60% market share for license-plate recognition before it merged into Q-Free ASA. Overall, Dr. Spaanenburg has produced more than 200 conference papers, 20 reviewed journal articles and seven books or chapters. He has served annually on several program committees and journal boards. He has been involved in many technology transfer projects, including eight university spin-offs. Currently a guest at Lund University, he is exploiting further research on embedded sensory networks with cloud connectivity under the umbrella of RaviteQ AB in Sweden.


Prof. Lambert Spaanenburg Dept. of Electrical & Information Technology, Lund University, PO Box 11822100 Lund, Sweden, Lambert.Spaanenburg [at]