Jiri Marek

Jiri Marek has been Senior Vice President of Engineering Sensors at Bosch, Automotive Electronics Division, since 2003, responsible for the MEMS activities at Bosch. He started his work at Bosch in 1986. From 1990 until 1999, he was responsible for the Sensor Technology Center. In 1999, he became Vice President Engineering of Restraint Systems and Sensors. Dr. Marek studied Electrical Engi- neering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and Stanford University, USA. In
1983, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Stuttgart for his work at the Max Planck Institute Stuttgart on the analysis of grain boundaries in large-grain poly- crystalline solar cells. After a post-doctoral fellowship with IBM Research, San JoseĀ“, CA, he was a development engineer with Hewlett-Packard, Optical Commu- nication Division.


Dr. Jiri Marek Robert Bosch GmbH, Automotive Electronics, Postfach 1,342, 72703 Reutlingen, Germany, Jiri.Marek [at] de.bosch.com.